Network Administration

Overview of our Network Administration Course

The job of a network administrator is to install and manage computer networking in various places. So many companies are now hiring trained network administrators who are qualified through IT courses in order to save cost in the long run. When the demand for skilled network administrators is on a rise, it’s the best time to invest in a network administration course so you can avail various job opportunities around. Our computer courses always focus on preparing you for what the IT market demands. You don’t need to hold various fancy degrees to start with our IT and computer training courses, all you need is dedication and passion for learning new things.

Our professional computer course, specially the network administration course are very extensive in nature and conveys a lot of new information to the students. In our network administration course you will learn:

How to identify, troubleshoot, document and solve network connectivity issues.
How to deploy configure and upgrade network software.
How to maintain and configure computer networks.
How to manage network security tools like firewalls.
How to implement, create and maintain emergency backups.
How to optimize the network for maximum efficiency.

Apart from all these things above, you learn so much more that you can later utilize in your career ahead.

Career prospects of a Network Administrator

As a network administrator you can earn up to £30,000 per annum on average if you are well qualified through computer courses. Companies always prefer skilled and educated workers over self-taught ones. After you finish with our IT courses, you will instantly find a good position as a network support specialist, network manager, network engineer or system administrator. There are so many IT jobs in the market these days that one can easily find a good one without trying too much. The stats say that the employment of network administrators will increase by 8% till 2020.

Course Funding Options

If you are interested in our computer courses then we have the right kind of funding option for you. We offer our students a train now and pay later option where they can start their training without worrying about the money and pay once they are done. We also help our students find great computer jobs so that they are able to pay back with ease.